Writing and Finishing


On 4-7-17 I called it like a surgeon with a body on the table. Avoidance, Lethargy and Lame Excuses were dead. No more missed opportunities. If there was a Diversity Initiative or mentorship program at a network I was going to apply. No more using my disinterest in writing spec scripts as an excuse. Sure, I have tons of original series pilots but I needed to write a spec script.

So, I vowed, this time I’d find something to write. Hell, there were plenty of shows I liked on TV. I’vew already binged-watched the shit out of a dozen of so Netflix and Hulu series.

I decided to outline and write a spec script for an episode of Sleepy Hollow. I put it out there on social media to make myself accountable to friends and family and industry colleagues.

I started the outline on April 7th, 2017. I finished the rough draft April 15th, 2017. Fifty-five pages for a one hour episode. WHOOHOO! I plan to take a few days away and then jump into rewrites, edits and polishing. I’m fairly confident I will make my APRIL 30TH DEADLINE.

And soon, if you tune into this blog next week, I will tell you about the cunning idea I have to garner even more attention to my spec script for an episode of Sleepy Hollow.

Back next week! 🙂