Broken Hearts Club

Broken Hearts Club is It’s Complicated meets He’s Just Not That In To You and Love Actually where love-lost couples air out their grievances to an apathetic clinical psychologist who’d rather treat the criminally insane.

Broken Hearts Club  is available on DVD from Amazon and IndieFlix

Or buy the app on iTunes.  

“I just finished watching it… I am in awe. One of the best films I have seen this year and one of the best independent films I’ve ever seen. Your writing is absolutely fantastic. … It is truly excellent. 5/5. Well shot, rich colour, and not a hokey performance in sight. Outstanding.”
~ Review by Adam Stephen Kelly (

Funny, sweet and clever! I loved your movie and think it’s perfect for a series [with a] cult following!
~Ell, Writer Wilful Damage Blog (Australia)

“I watched Broken Hearts Club with my wife and we were so engaged in the characters and performances my wife actually shed tears. What an incredible indie film!”
~Pericles Lewnes – CurrenTV moderator; Filmmaker

“Thanks again for submitting such a wonderful piece…I heard several comments about your film and how interesting and delighfully entertaining it was. The evening was a complete success!”
~Captain Lawson, Festival Director, Wreck Beach Film Festival, Canada

“A genuine cinematic accomplishment. A real ‘How is this going to turn out?’ movie!”
~Tony Comstock, Comstock Films; Filmmaker, artist  and entrepreneur.

“I just finished watching a [The Broken Hearts Club] film by Angelo Bell that included a song by Chris Blake. Be jealous. It was awesome.”
~Seth Simonds
 Writer and marketing consultant who lives just north of Boston, MA.

“Angelo, you are the dialogue master! Shawn’s scene  is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to you, man!”
~Michelle Bekemeyer, Florida – Intellectualist, filmmaker, math enthusiast.


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